Friday, October 29, 2010

Crickets said...
Hey Tiffany, what's the best way for my friend to deal with his cheating wife when we get back from deployment? (She did it a lot of times during the year too)

Well now, this un's a tuff one. AH cheats on mah husband cause we's po. This in way I gits more money from mah baby daddies. Maybee whens mah husband git promoted I won't do it no mo, and he knows all abouts it anyways. He luvs me an says he forgives me every time. That he knows abouts.

On the other hand, ifn she's just a lying cheatin ho who is doin it cause she can't go a day without have a sausage, then he needs to kick her to the curb. Aint no call ta be violent, jus go down ta JAG an git youself a Devorce. It's easy, I done it 4 times already.

~ TA

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