Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fat Girls continued

A.j. Bailey Dear Tiffany A., my "friend" (he's an E-6) was married to a ho almost as hot as you. While he was deployed she left him for an O-4, now he can only attract fat girls...what should he do?

A.J. He should have sex with fat girls. They needs luvin too!  Plus theys obviously makes some good sammiches.

A.J. said...

so I...I mean, my "friend" banged one of these fat girls and it was very disappointing. Is there a trick to it...should he use a harpoon gun or something?


Maybes you missed. One good trick is tah takes the fat girl, open a big bag of flour over her, and then roll hers around. Ifn she's good an ready, you go for the wet spot. Either you gits her mouth,  the armpits or her vajayjay.  You gots a 1 in 2 chance of having a good time.



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  1. Everyone knows fat girls give the best blow jobs.