Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quite kids

Olive Yerman said...
OMG, my kid keeps crying and won't stop. I'm at my wits' end! How do you get your kids to be quiet, Tiffany? Alcohol. For me an thems. Google 'Sunny D and Rum"

New Qeushuns!

Amanda Murphy
What is your favorite part about being you? 
Honey, ifn you thinks ah likes bein me, and that ah done want ta be Pamelas Anderson, you got another thing comin! 
Stef Schroer 
I wents to collidge to find mahselves a yung gulible ROTC types, so I can gits mahselves an officah when they grajuate. Its not workin. Whut am I doin wrong?
Is you pregnant yet?
Lori Green 
Dear Tiffany,
My husband's coming home soon and I can't figure out what to wear. He told me just wear jeans and a t-shirt but I want to wear a dress. What would you do? Make it good cuz I'm sending the reply to his ass.

AH thinks a tight dress wit some kinda boostier underneath. An make is short. An no panties. An bend overs in front of all his mens so's they see whut he's gittin. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Tiffany,
my E7 is da hottest man on base.. guess from da whole cuntry..
He was married but now divorced since two years. Since he is deployed in Germeny,
his ex is writing him cards as tho he is in a war over here. No much text, but cards with her signature..
Didn't tell me, I found out by acsident.
He does not want to talk about his ex as this divorce hurt him so mutch but says its over
but still hurts him.
What do I have to do to make him tell me everthin?
Also he does not call evry day. Is he cheating on me and how do I find out?
Apreshiate yo advice very much


You needs to fly riaht overs ta Germany and git yerself pregnint. Then you won;t haves to worry about ifn he's cheetin or not. You kin just git yourselfs a paycheck an he will have to come back to you cause you gots his childs.

Ifn you fly over to Germany I would not tell him you are gonna be theres and see ifn you kin catch him cheatin. I woudl follow him arounds for a few days first, an maybe maybes pay one of them German hoors to try tah git him tah cheat. thens he will have guilty sex wit you and you kin git pregnint.

~ TA

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gittin a man

Tiffany, I want to get me self a army man with a good paycheck, any advice???
Laura ,
1. Use your number ones weapins. Your vajayjay, your boobs and yer mouth.
2. Git yerself a jobs at the PX. Ah meats most of my mens there and you kin see ifn their wifes is nasty and the mens are miserables.
3. Buy some tight clothes. An a pushup bra.
4. Git yerslef a rank chart and studys every nights.
4. Git pregnent as fast as you kin.
~ TA


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